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Experienced Movers in Albuquerque

When you’re moving to a new city, you don’t just want someone to throw your stuff in a truck and move it from Point A to Point B. You want professional movers who will take the same care you would to protect your belongings and home from unnecessary damage.

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Moving BoxesPratt Van Lines has over 18 years of experience helping people relocate their lives. We utilize the highest standards in packing and moving to ensure all of your belongings arrive in good condition. It is our goal to help your family make an easy and smooth transition to be at home in a new location.

Experience Tells us that Tape is Not a Good Packaging Supply

Our experienced movers know that tape can leave a residue that can be destructive to your belongings. That’s why we completely cover your furniture with blankets before securing it with rubber bands and tape. By taking the greatest care with your belongings, there is no chance the tape even touches your furniture.

Experience Tells us that Highly Trained Movers do a Better Job

Professional movers need to be highly trained to do the best job possible. When you choose Pratt Van Lines, you can rest assured that your moving team will know how to expertly transport your belongings for maximum safety and security.

Experience Tells us that Safeguarding Homes is Just as Important as Safeguarding Belongings

At Pratt Van Lines, we don’t just take great care to make sure your belongings arrive unscathed by the move. We also take great care to ensure your home is protected by using floor runners and door jamb protectors to shield entryways from nicks and dings.

Experience Tells us that Written Price Quotes give Homeowners Peace of Mind

We’ve heard horror stories about homeowners using moving companies who tell them one price, but then charge them a significant amount more. At Pratt Van Lines, you will never have to worry about paying more than you expect. Before you hire us, you will have a written price quote helping you to budget for our services—and we stick to our written agreements, even if the move ends up costing us more.

At Pratt Van Lines, we’re more than just professional movers. We’re partners in helping you establish life in a new location.