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Albuquerque Out-of-State Movers

Anyone who has moved from one residence to another knows it can be a stressful experience. The stress can be exacerbated when the relocation involves moving from one state to another. At Pratt Van Lines, our expert regional movers can show you how to relocate to New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, or Texas as easily and efficiently as possible. Below are a few tips from our out-of-state movers to help make your relocation a success:

Take a TripTake a trip

That’s right! Our regional movers’ first tip to help you plan and execute a successful cross-state move is to take a trip. But not just any trip—go to your new home state. While you are visiting, you can scout the area for jobs, places to live, schools, dog parks, grocery stores, and other essentials your family may need. You can also find out which utility companies will need to be notified once you find a home.

Search for a Home

This tip can be done on your initial trip or from your home using online resources from real estate agents, the state’s Web site, and simple Google searches. You’ll need to research the area in which you are planning to move to ensure the safety and happiness of your family. Ask friends, family, and colleagues who may have or currently do live in the state for advice—word-of-mouth is still the most reliable source of honest information.

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Find a Moving Company

Whether you are moving to an adjacent state or across the country, it is critical that you find the best moving company for your relocation needs. When searching for the right movers, be sure to check their experience, skills, and training. If a potential company has only been operating for a few months, they may not be the best for your move. Also, without the proper skills and training—mostly stemming from experience—the movers may unnecessarily lengthen and complicate the process. It is best to know what your needs are and find movers who can meet or exceed them.

Make the Move

This is the fun part! Successfully packing, loading, and actually moving from one location to another relies on serious organization, patience, and the right moving company. If you have done your homework, found the best moving company for your needs, and planned ahead, you can make your moving experience as stress-free and efficient as possible. Be sure to check out our moving and packing tips to further eliminate stress and confusion.

Plan for Costs and Paperwork

As with any move, you may encounter costs for which you did not account. To ensure you are not caught off-guard and unprepared, have a small cash reserve or emergency credit card with you at all times. You never know when you might get a flat tire.

When you reach your destination, it is important that you have previously notified the necessary utility companies so that you have electricity, running water, and gas on your first night. This may involve signing contractual paperwork or giving credit card information to these respective companies.

After unpacking and settling into your new home, a final piece of knowing how to relocate is officially changing your residence and updating your records. Be sure to obtain a driver’s license from your new state, change your car’s tags and license plates, find a family physician, ensure your health and car insurance have not been affected by the move, and update your pet’s shot records.

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If you want to relocate your family from New Mexico to one of its neighboring states-Colorado, Arizona, Texas, or Utah-contact our regional movers at Pratt Van Lines. We can provide you with moving and packing checklists, packing and unpacking tips, and expert moving services at an affordable cost. We have the skills, experience, and training to help you make your cross-state move a success.