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Comprehensive Packing & Moving Checklist

One of the most challenging parts of life is planning and executing the move of your family and belongings to a new residence. At Pratt Van Lines, Gold Star Service is our moving company’s commitment, and part of that commitment is taking away the stress of moving and packing. To do this, we are providing a comprehensive packing and moving checklist that you can easily customize.

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pack by roomPacking Checklist

  • Itemize your belongings
  • Be sure everything you want to pack is necessary—some things you may want to donate
  • Gather supplies for packing (tape, boxes, markers)
  • Place all important documents (wills, birth certificates) and precious items (jewelry, photos) in clearly marked, easily accessible box
  • Be sure to back up all computer files and pack computer system as well as other large electronic devices
  • Pack your belongings room by room—this helps to ensure you haven’t overlooked anything
    • Be sure to thoroughly tape boxes
    • Clearly mark all boxes with contents and room placements for easy unpacking
    • Keep clothing in drawers to save space and for easy transport
  • Double and triple check for any last belongings
  • Empty refrigerator and freezer/pack food—this should be done right before moving
    • Make sure perishables are eaten or donated
  • Clean and research home before the movers arrive
  • Make list and count of boxes to ensure nothing is left behind

Loading/Moving Checklist

  • Double check with our expert movers at Pratt Van Lines to ensure your moving date is confirmed
  • Complete change of address forms (online or paper) with the Post Office
  • Disconnect utilities in former residence and connect utilities in new residence
  • Make sure pet records are updated
  • Service your vehicle if driving
  • Keep pets and children in safe location while movers are loading/unloading truck
  • Be sure all boxes are in easily accessible spot for efficient loading
  • Keep itemized box list handy to ensure nothing is forgotten
  • Give keys, alarm codes, and garage door remotes to new owner or real estate agent

Unloading/Unpacking Checklist

  • Ensure utilities have been connected upon reaching new residence
  • Make sure all boxes, furniture, and valuable are placed in correct rooms
    • You may want to start with essentials bathroom, food, etc.)
  • Use your itemized box list to ensure all of your belongings are present
  • Begin unpacking boxes and organizing your new home
    • Don’t get discouraged! This process may take a few weeks.

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Whether this is your first move or your tenth, it is always comforting to have packing and moving checklists as well as an experienced moving company helping to make your move as easy and efficient as possible. At Pratt Van Lines, we can provide you with both. Contact our skilled Albuquerque moving company for tips and information on all of our moving and packing services.